[Tutorial] How to Add a Custom Repository in Cydia

[How-To] Add Custom Repo(s) in Cydia

Are you disappointed with the number of apps and themes available in Cydia? This may be because you are only seeing a small list of what is really out there. Developers host their apps in what is referred to as a source or repository. Cydia comes with a few sources installed. There are many more out there, each with it’s own list of new apps waiting for you to add them. Each source will open up a variety of new apps, themes, and language packs available to you. I am going to walk you through adding a source in Cydia.


1. Click the Cydia icon on your Springboard.

2.Click on Manage in the the Bottom Bar

3.Tap on the Sources Button .

4.Tap ‘Edit’ on the Top Right Corner

5.Then Tap “Add”.

6.Type in the URL of The Desired Repo

PS-Check Out this Post For A variety Of Good Repo(s)


7.Let Cydia Do it’s Thing :P

8.Once it’s Done,Just Simply Tap ‘Retun to Cydia’ :)

9.Done :)

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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