[Tutorial] How to earn Money with any iDevice

How to easily earn Paypal money with any iDevice!

This method involves downloading applications from a host website. It’s just like a referral.


Lets get started :

1. First of all, open up Mobile Safari on your device.

2.  Open up this website : http://m.appredeem.com/ and tap on the “Signup for FREE!” button.

3. Now, register with a VALID Paypal id to which they can send the payment.

4. Now, save the Webapp (Tap on the + button and then on the Add to Homescreen button).

5. Now, the application will navigate you to your first free application to get started. Download it.

6. When downloaded and installed, open it up, use it for a minute and so and then check your Paypal. You should have got your first payment!

7. Keep downloading the applications to get more and more money. You should earn some quick bucks soon. ;)


Please note that after you have installed your first application, it should ask you to verify your iDevice by number. So, verify it by putting in your Country Code + Your number. For eg : 91 1234567890


Here’s some payment proof :



4 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How to earn Money with any iDevice

  1. Matheos Mattsson

    Awsome post! Really easy! U guys are advancing good! Great quality posts here! You should be more famous and you could get many views :)

    Btw. I did this. And installed every free app I could. Will there be more? Cuz some aren’t in my appstore in my country and rest is paid. so will there come more apps that I can download?

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