[Tutorial] How to speed up your iDevice with Speed Intensifier/FakeClockup

How to speed up your iDevice with Speed Intensifier!

This tweak in Cydia will make it seem like your iDevice has become alot faster than before. They load up the messages and applications really fast. So here, I’m gonna provide you with a Step-By-Step on how to install it on your iDevice!

FakeClockup is similar to Speed Intensifier.


Lets get started! :

1. Open Cydia and add this source: http://repo.insanelyi.com (to add the source, open up Cydia, go to manage, then soruce, tap on edit then and then add.)

2. Browse that source. Look for either Speed Intensifier or Fakeclockup and install it. I use Speed Intensifier. I don’t know the difference, apparently, they are very similar.

3. Go to Settings and find the tweak you downloaded. Set it to whatever speed you want.

4. Respring or reboot your iDevice.


Done! You might not want to set it all the way up. Some people think it’s just too fast and buggy. Although I have mine set all the way up.


Here’s a video tutorial for you :

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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