Top 5 Cydia Repo(s) [2011]

Cydia Without Custom Repo(s) is like A person Without Facebook :P

And There are Hundred of Repo(s) out there full of a variety of Pkgs.

So Today We Sum up Our Take on THE TOP 5 CYDIA REPO(s)

1.Bigboss repo []-Stock Repo(No need to Add)

2.Hackulo [ ]

3.Modmyi Repo [ ]-Again a Stock Repo ; Comes Pre-Installed

4.IHR [ ] -The Repo Of The Future ; As they Say

5.Insanelyi [ ] -Almost as Good as IHR :)

*6. SinfuliPhone []

To add Custom Repo(s) Refer To This POST

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Cydia Repo(s) [2011]

  1. Matheos Mattsson

    I mean’t tht. Carried away??

  2. Matheos Mattsson

    I’m kina right! You’re wrong! saurik is so against piracy! He even made cydia say tht tht repo should not be added! And the author is not saurik! It does not even say Saurik! Omg NOT SAURIK REPO! IT’S HACKULO REPO! SAURIK DO NOT SUPPORT PIRACY!

  3. You’re kinda Wrong.Try installing Crackul0us or Maybe Install0us and You’ll Notice that The Author is Jay Freeman(Suarik).[All pkgs o that repo Have been Made by him ]

    I think That Means It’s His Repo

  4. Matheos Mattsson

    Hackulo SURIK repo???? Wtf?

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