[Tutorial] How to downgrade your iDevice’s firmware with Tinyumbrella

How to downgrade your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with TinyUmbrella!

TinyUmbrella is a small but very useful utility which will let you downgrade your firmware to an older one.

Here’s an easy to guide to help you out.

Requirements :

1. Latest version of iTunes.

2. Latest version of TinyUnbrella. (Recommended)

3. SHSH blobs already saved on Saurik server or locally on your hard disk.

4. The firmware file to which you want downgrade your device.

Lets get started :

1. First of all, download TinyUmbrella from the following site : http://thefirmwareumbrella.blogspot.com/

2. Download the one corresponding to your own Operating System (Mac,Windows or Linux)

3. Then, connect your device to your computer.

4. Launch TinyUmbrella and click Save SHSH to save SHSH blobs of your current firmware and also to import the already saved SHSH blobs from Saurik server to your local hard disk.

5. Once SHSH blobs are successfully imported, go to Server tab and click on Start TSS Server button.

6. Now, fire up your iTunes. Select your device and open up it’s Summary page. Hold down the SHIFT key (ALT key for Mac) and click on the restore button. Now select the firmware file and click on Open button.

7. Now, sit back and watch as iTunes restores and downgrades your device. If you encounter error 1015, it means your downgrade process is complete. All you need is to kick your device out to Recovery Mode and to do so, go to TinyUmbrella window and right click on the name of your device and choose Kick out of Recovery.

8. That’s it. Now, boot up your device and prepare to be amazed when you see it’s About page. :)

Comment if you have any questions! Thanks.

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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