[MUST HAVE] Top 10 Cydia Tweaks/Apps

Top 10 Cydia Tweaks/Apps

Jailbreaking your iDevice allows you to install unauthorised apps that Apple have not yet allowed (for example unlocking or video recording). Once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone/iPod you’ll notice a new app in your Springboard, called CYDIA. Cydia is the black hat version of the App Store. Once you open Cydia, you’ll be attacked with the biggest list of apps EVER of which most are free. Even though this is awesome, the sheer number of apps makes it very hard to find that-app-you-saw-on-your-friends-iPod , and it’s very easy to install totally useless apps and waste your time. So here goes a beginners guide to Cydia, 10 essential apps that will get you started with your jailbroken device and make your and your iDevice’s life easier.


Activator is used in the excellent Overboard and ProSwitcher apps to launch them with gestures, status bar taps, and hardware button presses.

What has happened, though, is even better: you can now choose to launch any of your installed applications using any of the gestures and actions that Activator supports. There are also a number of system shortcuts (respring, reset, turn off, lock, etc.) that you can control as well. You can set these actions to perform any time you use a gesture or command, or you can set them only to occur on the Springboard, or while within an application. There are lots of ways to customize Activator to launch apps or system actions:Home Button, Sleep Button, Status Bar – double tap, short holdMotion – shake and bake Slide in Gesture (from the bottom of the screen) – bottom-left, bottom, bottom-rightVolume Buttons – display tap, down and then up, up and then down

The system actions available within Activator are:

Home button press

Power down



Safe Mode

Sleep Button



SBSettings is a MobileSubstrate extension for SpringBoard which provides a quick way to view and change various settings. SBSettings are launched by swiping the finger across the status bar.

Grid lock

Sick of the classic row and column layouts of icons on your iPod/iPhone springboard? Here is a small Cydia tweak called GridLock which lets you freely arrange icons any where you like. Just drag and drop the icons to their new place.

Using the app is pretty easy. Enter edit mode to drag and drop the icons on SpringBoard. Then hit the Home button and the layout is automatically saved.


Barrel is a new tweak available in the Cydia Store at $2.99 which doesn’t do anything particularly useful, but adds an incredibly cool 3D effect to the iPhone’s Springboard. It has been tested on iOS 4.1 on all devices except the iPad due to some bugs caused by rotation.


If you havent heard about this app before, kill yourself. To put it in a nutshell, cydia and installous go hand in hand. It is basically an app that allows you to install any cracked Apple store app on your jailbroken iPhone/iTouch for free. WOO-HOO.

-Infinidock and MultiIconMover-

=If you are the kind who has several thousands of apps at any given time, it can become quite cumbersome to sift through several home screens every time you want to launch one of them applications. How about bookmarking all your frequently used apps on the dock to easily locate them?

Infinidock, a new project from chpwn, one of the developers of popular multi-tasking app, ProSwitcher does exactly this. As the name suggests, the application lets you add as many icons as you choose to the dock without cluttering the interface.

=Next comes the MultiIconMover. It is a mod that allows you to move more than one icon at a time (without using a computer). The application is pretty straight forward. Once installed, you can to go into the normal “wiggle” move mode. Once in wiggle mode, just tap on the icons you would like to move. When you tap on an icon a check mark will appear on it. You can then scroll to the page on your SpringBoard in which you would like to move the icons and tap the Home Button. This will move the selected icons to that page on your SpringBoard. Just tap the Home Button again to spot wiggle mode.


*Also Available For iPad.Search For Yourtube HD.

Yourtube is the replacement for mxtube. It supports multiple downloads, and works like a charm. The app is availible on cydia and costs $2 and is worth it.

The downloaded videos are saved in .mp4 format, so any iPhone file browser should be able to play them as well as YouTube.app itself. Also, if you SSHed your iPhone then you can transfer downloaded videos to you desktop, To transfer videos check out /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/YourTube/ to see a list of your files.

-LockScreen ClockHide-

As you’ve guessed, it basically hides the clock and date from your lockscreen leaving you with just a blank lockscreen. What is cool, is that it replaces the little lock icon that is normally on your status bar when your iPhone or iPod Touch is locked with the time! This way, you don’t actually completely lose the time…it just gets moved to your status bar!


A new jailbreak app aptly called MyOS is available on the Cydia App Store that allows users to enable or disable features (mostly) introduced in iOS 4 or later.
So if you think that multitasking or something else is slowing down your iPhone (especially older iPhone models) then disable it to see if it helps, if it doesn’t then you can re-enable it.

-MakeItMine or FakeCarrier-

If jailbreaking your iPhone doesnt satisfy your aristrocatic needs and you’re always looking for more, then how about changing your carrier name. This can be done by using  FakeCarrier or MakeItMine(only till 4.1).

How To –

Step 1: Tap on the Cydia icon on the Springboard to launch the application.

Step 2: Search for FakeCarrier.

Step 3: Follow the instructions to install the app. Finally, click on ‘Return to Cydia‘ to finish installation.

Step 4: Once the installation is completed, you will be able to find a ‘Carrier‘ icon on the iPhone Home Screen. Tap on the ‘Carrier‘ icon to launch FakeCarrier.

Step 5:. Tap on the ‘Fake Carrier‘ option to change the carrier name.

Step 6: You are now prompted to enter your Carrier text. Enter the text of your choice and tap on ‘Set‘.  Similarly, you may replace the time banner on top with your customer text using the ‘Fake Time‘ option. Tap on ‘Set‘ to confirm the change.

If you would at any point like to get back to the default Carrier and Time text, you may follow the same steps and at the final text input, tap on ‘Reset‘ to get the text back to default.

Thats all my friends. Hope this helps.

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