[Download Links] iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G!

Whited00r : iOS 4.3.1 – Custom Built for older devices!

While doing some research on iOS 4.3.1 today, I came across this website : http://www.whited00r.com/

The team there have created iOS 4.3.2 for older devices. This means that they have modded around the original iOS 3.1.3 files (At the moment, iOS 4.0 based later.) and created a whole new Custom Firmware. This firmware can be normally installed by using the Option-Click (Shift-Click in Windows) on the Restore button when your iDevice is connected to iTunes.

The features of using this firmware are :

  • Whited00r firmwares are based on 3.1.x firmware but it offers a fully modded interface to suite iOS4 one. We are not using Winterboard to achieve this result, so your device will run faster! Unfortunately this firmware can’t run iOS4-only applications.
  • All Whited00r firmwares are jailbroken (with PwnageTool). Latest Cydia is included and fully working. They also have a private repository with tweaks for power users. They are also providing firmwares that include carrier unlock and hacktivation.
  • Whited00r firmwares included multitasking and folders. They have been developed by Darlo770. Multitasking is optimized to run on “old” devices with limited ram amount. iPod controls on multitasking dock are working too.
  •      With whited00r firmware you can set HomeScreen Wallpaper exactly like in iOS4. The features has been developed by Darlo770.
  • Whited00r unlocks all native features hidden in official Apple firmwares. Battery percentage, Multimedia Messages Service (MMS), tethering via bluetooth and via USB, Tap to Focus in camera, cellular data network fields and Emojii icons are only some examples.
  • Whited00r includes the best video recording application. It offers the best quality for your videos. Recording quality is better then the one offered by application on AppStore. Moreover video are automatically exported to Photo folder (so you can manage them with iPhoto)
  • The Safari browser offers two useful bookmarks: “Search in Page” and a “Flash video converter”. The latter enables some kind of flash video in the page you are visiting (like Vimeo or Dailymotion videos). From bookmarks you can also visit the mobile version of whited00r.com and install alphanumeric passcode for your device.
  • You will find other minor features that are not listened here. Whited00r is compatible with iBluenova, A2DP enabler and iBootlace for Android installation (dual boot).

Download Links : 

1. iPhone 2G – Full Edition (Unlocked) :


Lite Edition :


iPhone 2G – Full Edition (Non-Unlocked) :


Lite Edition : 



2. iPhone 3G – Full Edition (Unlocked) :


Lite Edition : 


iPhone 3G – Full Edition (Non-Unlocked) :


Lite Edition : 



3. iPod Touch 1G – Full Edition :


Lite Edition : 



4. iPod Touch 2G MB Model – Full edition : 


Lite Edition : 



You can check out the whole project here : http://www.whited00r.com/

I think the guys are doing a great thing and it would helpful if you donated to them.

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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