[Tutorial] How to get Paid Android Apps for free

   [How to] get Paid Android apps for free with Applanet  


This is very easy and will work on any version of android provided you have a WIFi  connection and access to a PC or a MAC.


Step 1 : Download Applanet.apk from http://www.applanet.net/ 


Step 2 : Connect Your Android phone to the Computer.

Step 3 :Put the applanet.apk file in the root of your “sd card”

Step 4 :Disconnect you phone.


Step 5 : On your Phone open up Android Market —->and Search for Either “Astro File Manager or “USe any other File Manager”—->The Download it

Step 6 :Open it When done and Search for Applanet.apk and Click on it to install.

Step 7 :When Thats done exit out of the File manager and look for the Applanet icon in the App Drawer .

Step 8 :Open it and let it Load 

Step 9: It’ll load all the apps form its Repository When that’s done download anuthing you want.

Step 10:Do Enjoy !

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