[Tutorial] How to root your Gingerbread device with GingerBreak!

How to root your Gingerbread device with GingerBreak 1.2!

GingerBreak is a new root which is based on a new exploit found by the C-Skills Team. The exploit has been developed by Chainfire, a reputed member of the XDA Forums.

Today, I will give you a Step-By-Step on how to root your Gingerbread device!

Let’s begin!

1. First of all, make sure your USB Debuggins is enabled AND and SD card is inserted in your device.

2. Download the GingerBreak zip file and Copy the .APK file to your device. Remember to put it in your device and not the SD Card!

Download Link : http://www.multiupload.com/DUUZNST64G

3.Install GingerBreak.

4. Run the GingerBreak application and select Root Device!

5. Done!

 6. Optional : Install BusyBox from the Android Market.

Your Gingerbread device is now rooted. Enjoy! :)


Download Link : http://www.multiupload.com/DUUZNST64G


4 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How to root your Gingerbread device with GingerBreak!

  1. i am getting very frustrated with this rooting process because idk how long this should take. I’ve researched and most people say 10-15 minutes. I’ve done this on my phone more so many times and it seems like the process takes forever!. The message is stuck at “rooting… runnning exploit…this may take a few minutes! Device will reboot on success”. What is going on? I have the lg optimus p970 (white version)

  2. IS this working on the Droid Pro. Can anyone confirm it? Thanks!

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