[Direct links] iOS 5 Beta 2

iOS 5 Beta 2 Just release a few hours ago and offers new and improved features.Some of them are listed below :

– iTunes 10.5b2 can’t sync iOS 5 Beta 1 devices
– iOS5 Beta 1 devices can’t iMessage iOS5 Beta 2 devices and vice-versa
– WiFi sync now works with OS X computers; it has to be enabled in iTunes 10.5 beta 2 first
– OTA updates have been released, though none are currently available
– iCloud has a new logo in the Settings.app
– You can now backup to iCloud or the computer when setting the device up
– If no notifications are available, Notification Center shows the text “No New Notifications”
– Stock widget in the Notification Center is now off by default
– Stock wallpapers are back, but are the same that were in iOS 4
– General speed improvements, kills bugs that were present in iOS 5 beta 1

Now All the Download links have a .dmg extention so You’ll have to use a Mac to extract the .ipsw file


Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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