Mac OSX Lion – The Review

Mac OSX Lion – The Review

Mac OSX Lion is the next operating system for technology giant Apple and it was first previewed to the public in October last year and according to Apple, it came with 250+ new features.


Lion is available exclusively in downloadable form, from the Mac App Store, for $29.99, similar to Snow Leopard. That’s an incredible price drop from typical version of Mac OS X with significant new features, which were usually priced at $129.99. The server version is available for $49.99.  The operating system is a 4GB download, which not all may like. After a rather evolutionary Mac OS X release, Snow Leopard, Lion is the most significant Mac OS X release in quite a while.

New Stuff

There have been alot of changes in this revision of Mac OSX, the biggest being the drop of 32-bit Intel Macs. Only 64-bit are supported now.  Also, PowerPC / Rosetta support for older applications as well as FrontRow have been dropped. Mac OSX Lion can be only purchased through the Mac App. Store. There have been rumors of  Apple releasing it on USB Stick for $69.


Yesterday, the much awaited Mac OSX Lion was unleashed in the Mac App. Store for $29.99. I, being an Apple Fanboy myself, bought it the second it came out and finally managed to install it after waiting for it to download. Took a few hours, though.



There haven’t been much changes in the look and feel of the desktop in Lion except that they have refined the all colors and scroll bars. Also, the new wallpapers look pretty amazing.


One of the main changes that you see after installing Lion is the new Lockscreen. I like it and adds a very pleasant effect to look at. They have changed the wallpaper from the Dev. Previews and added one with a little grudged effect.

Mission Control

Exposé was Apple’s first solution to “window management aids”. It was introduced in Panther back in 2003. Two years later, Apple started shipping Tiger with Dashboard which created “widgets” of open windows. In 2007, Exposé evolved into Spaces which bought support for Virtual Desktops.

In Lion, Apple has merged Exposé, Spaces and Dashboard to create Mission Control. Mission Control shows you all your open windows and also your widgets. A “+” button on the top allows you to open a new desktop, hiding all your previous windows.


iOS Springboard on your Mac! No, really! Apple now wants people to think that their devices are one and their goals are one : To make the UI as simple as possible. This, they have achieved with Launchpad in a way. Launchpad shows all your applications just like it would show you on your iPad. It also opens and shows folders in the same way! Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below.

Full Screen Applications

Another awesome feature in Mac OSX Lion is Full screen apps. Applications like iCal, iPhoto, Mail and PhotoBooth can now be opened and viewed in full screen.

Reopen Windows on Startup

Another great feature integrated in OSX Lion is the ability to open up your last opened applications after you shut it down or restart your Mac. Pretty helpful.

Final Verdict

These are just a few things which I have covered out of the 250+ features that Apple has claimed to introduce. I would finally conclude by saying that everyone should go now and buy the operating system, as, Apple says, it’s the most advanced operating system in the world and I totally agree with them.

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