[Tutorial] How to download Torrents on any iDevice

The worst part about owning an iPad is how you have to alternate between your computer and your iPad just to start or pause torrents. Well, not any more. Now with the release of iTransmission, you can easily downloads torrent directly to your iDevice. It can be found in our repo at myirepository.cz.cc.

Transmission works like most other torrent clients. Just find a torrent on the net, copy the link to the .torrent file or copy its magnet link, and hit the plus sign in iTransmission to add it. It will download the files to your phone, which you can then retrieve later with something like iFile, which you can get from Cydia. And, just like desktop BitTorrent clients, you can set speed limits and automatically forward ports. You can also download fromWi-Fi only, if you don’t want to go over your 3G data limit.

All said, this is one of the best apps as it is extremely useful and handy, so I’d advise everybody to use it as a replacement for conventional desktop torrent clients :) Thanks to Mike Chen ( Who Made this app ) He Totally Rocks !

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