[NEWS] iMessage to be integrated inside iChat?


Apple has recently showcased iMessage, it’s unified, BBM like service which allows iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to send a receive text as well as multimedia messages to each other via both Wifi and 3G.

When iMessage was introduced, many people speculated that it would integrated into Mac OS X too as it was an Apple product, but Apple official said there was no at they could do that.

Recently, a developer with the help of the latest Mac OS X Lion developer build has revealed to MacRumours, a major technology blog that evidence has started to come which shows the code which is being used to integrate iMessage :

@interface IMMessage :

NSObject {

IMHandle *_sender;

IMHandle *_subject;

NSAttributedString *_text;

NSString *_plainBody;

NSDate *_time;

NSDate *_timeDelivered;

NSDate *_timeRead;

The last two lines of the code show the Delivery date and time, which was previously not available in iChat but is in iMessage.

Well, we have to wait and watch what the future brings for us!

You can try iMessage by installing the developer build of iOS 5 from the link below but please see to it that you’re device’s UDID is registered :

iOS 5 B7 Links

We would not be held responsible under any circumstances if it renders your device useless.

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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