[News] Google+ Open To Everybody!


Many of you have probably heard of Google+, with a majority of you being unable to grab an invite to get on it. Well the good news is that today Google has announced several changes to the service, the major one being that it’s now available to everybody (although still technically in beta stages). Just head over to http://plus.google.com and sign right in!

Most of the changes have been on the mobile side of things, especially on the Android app for Google+, with Hangout video chat and group picture messaging added. Not only these changes, but up to 100 other changes according to Punit Soni from the Google+ Mobile team who posted on the Google+ blog:

“We started the Google+ project to help make online sharing more like real-world sharing. Of course, in life we increasingly share on the go, so over the past ~90 days we’ve developed Google+ apps for Android, iOS and the mobile web.

During this time we’ve made lots of improvements to the project, and in fact, the team just announced its 100th new feature overall (open signups). But our work is far from done, and today we’re bringing seven additional Google+ features to your mobile device.”

As mentioned earlier Google also launched video chat in the Hangouts app for Android, which is sure to be popular as it’s one of the main features of Google+ (it’s the main reason I like it, for instance). However, it is only available for Android at this point in time.

And lastly, the name of +Huddles has been changed to Messenger (ironically) and adds support for adding photos to circles and groups.

So now’s your chance if you’ve been unable to try out Google+ for yourself! Simply head over there and sign up!

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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