MyGreatFest (Now JailbreakCon) Recorded Session Videos

Recently the first official jailbreak convention took place in the United Kingdom, bringing together several prominent developers in the jailbreak world, such as Saurik, the Chronic Dev Team and the iDroid Dev Team. The event consisted of talks throughout, including several giveaways and several Q & A sessions which gave people the opportunity to learn more from the developers about jailbreaking. In my opinion, the most interesting talk was easily the talk of Saurik during the afternoon session, in which he expressed his opinions on things such as piracy and also went into details which many of us would be interested in hearing.

MyGreatFest is set to go to the USA next year, and seems to be aiming to have MuscleNerd and Comex there, although with Comex’s recent employment at Apple his atUtendance is unlikely (but not impossible!). You can see both the morning and afternoon sessions below, and a copy of the day’s schedule here: On the recording of the morning session, the talks start at around 27:50, so you may wish to skip to that point.

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