Apple University To Be Set Up

Apple has not only had an impact on the computers of  today but have revolutionized them, whether they are by Ours truly or not. And it seems that isnt enough. Apple is going to open up an University that teaches arts including filmmaking and leadership skills etc.

The project formally began in 2008,when Joel Podolny was recruited for “a forum to impart that DNA to future generations”, a project that will ensure the future of Apple by  analyzing and internalizing the way Jobs thought, acted, and lived.  Back in ’96, after Pixar had created Toy Story but before Jobs had been invited back to work with Apple once more, he had a bit to say about the company that turned out to be right there at the core, once more, of the future success of the company here-

At the moment, it still appears as though plans for the circular “spaceship” campus in Cupertino are set to move forward, with completion of the project set for sometime inside 2015. You can see floor plans for that campus as well as the town hall meeting in Cupertino where Jobs initially laid out plans.

Apple University: Spaceship design

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