[Tutorial] How to Download YouTube Videos DIRECTLY using your JAILBROKEN iPod/iPhone/iPad for free

We guys at Technologic101 are dedicated to make tech life easier for you(or that’s what we make you think =P).Anyhow,this post will help you access your favorite videos on the Internet and download them just as easily,via your jailbroken iDevice.

Now,to begin with,we’ll talk of not one,but TWO softwares you can use:’yourtube’ and ‘MxTube’.Let’s roll-
Note:This post is relevant AS LONG as your device is jailbroken and has Cydia running on it.

Using yourtube-

Step 1:Start Cydia on your iDevice.
Step 2:Head over to Manage-Source and click on ‘Edit’ on the top right corner.
Step 3:Now look at the top left corner.There will be an ‘Add’ option there.Click on it.
Step 4:Next,type ‘ihacksrepo.com’ in the box thy shows up and click ‘Add Source’
Step 5:Click on iHacksRepo and scroll down to the ‘Y’ section.
Important:This is where your iOS will be of importance.If you run an iOS 4,click on yourtube 2.If your device is an iPad,download yourtube HD.iOS 5 requires yourtube 3,and so on.

Step 6:Top right corner,click ‘Install’ and then ‘Confirm’
Step 7:When it’s done,open YouTube and select a video.DO NOT play it just yet.There should be an option which says ‘Download video’.Click on it and you’ll find it downloading in the ‘Download’ option.Ta da!

Using MxTube-

Step 1:Start Cydia and head directly to ‘Search’.
Step 2:Type ‘MxTube’ into the bar.
Step 3:Now that MxTube shows up,check the top right corner,click ‘Install’ and then ‘Confirm’.
Step 4:After the installation process is complete,you will be seeing an icon on your screen with the name ‘MxTube’
Step 5:Next time you want to download a video,use MxTube to search for it the same way you would do for YouTube,scroll down,and the rest is plain logic.


That’s just about it for this topic.If any problems occur,let us know :)

NOTE : iPad users can download something called “YourTube HD”

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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