Get the most out of the iOS 5 Notification Center With IntelliScreenX Beta – Download Now!

iOS 5  brings a lot more sophisticated experience of using an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, we can only but hope that the jailbreak community does likewise.One of the features is called ‘Notification Center’.It offers a complete make over of the way Push notifications work.It is pretty,elegant and really cool.

Recently,We were provided with THIS AMAZING Video showing off the NEW and IMPROVED IntelliScreen [X]


And Today,We’re happy to announce that a beta is available right NOW in the Cydia Store.You can get it by adding a Beta Repo ie.

Just Add the Repo by going into Mange–>>Sources—>>Edit–>>Add and then use the URL Provided above.

Then Just install it normally as you would install any other Cydia package.And THAT’S IT.

Just Tweak around with the settings and You’re all set.


Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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