[News] Chronic Dev Team Announces “Tool of Mass Exploitation”

Earlier Today,The Chronic Dev Team announced a New “Tool of Mass Exploitation”.At First,There were many rumors about the iOS5 Untethered Jailbreak dropping today but a new  tool was announced instead.Now,This may be bad news for some but trust me,THIS IS SOME BRILLIANT NEWS.In the Blog post posted here ,C-Dev Team said that they’re planning to use a method used by apple to study crash reports completely against them(Funny,eh ?).By doing this the jailbreak community will divert all the crash reports sent to apple on a daily basis to their servers hence,enabling them to find new Exploits and Vulnerabilities for future jailbreaks.

So,Basically,The C-Dev Team are using ALL the Jailbreakers of the world(ie. A VERY LARGE NUMBER) to make  a new jailbreak for iOS5 since all the 5 exploits they talked about when they took stage stage at JailbreakCon (fka MyGreatFest) and 2 of them have been patched by apple in the 8 iOS5 Beta(s) that were seeded.This pissed the C-Dev Team as they worked hours and hours on the jailbreak and found the exploits patched in the forthcoming beta(s). All of their work went down the drain.

For a detailed explanation,refer to the Blog post mentioned above.

All of us at Technologic101 requuest anyone and everyone reading this Blog post to Please submit their Crash Reports to the C-Dev Team.Just Follow the guide provided below –

Step I

Download The Tool Here [Direct link] – Mac Only

Download the Tool Here [Direct link] – Windows

Step II

Connect Your iDevice to your Computer and Open up the Tool and let it recognize you iDevice.

Step III

Click the ‘Do It’ Button and It’ll start searching for Crash Reports.

Step IV

Just Wait until the process is completed.Peace :D

















Video Tutorial 

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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