[Tutorial] How To Get iOS Apps for free (Legally)

Many of us prefer to spend as little as humanly possible on app purchases. And how often have we found ourselves pulling our hair whilst running apps on a tethered Jailbreak. The only alternative other than buying apps is to acquire them legally for no cost, and however unreal this may sound, it is possible.

Follow this link to find out more or continue reading (Open link from iDevice)

Press on the link above and you’ll be directed to freemyapps.com, a site where you download sponsored apps by developers and in return earn credits from which you can obtain gift codes for that app you always wanted. The list of payout apps include- Tweetbot, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit ninja and etc. at surprisingly low rates. The only catch is that an UDID registration is reqd. Which means you can only earn so much credits for one iDevice by downloading apps(also creds aren’t transferable). But fear not, you can share the word and for every app downloaded from a device that you reffered, you’ll get 50 extra creds. So what are you waiting for? Get jumpin’ :)


Note: 1-For all ye noobs out there, dont worry it is not illegal, or even disputed and is harmless for to your device.
2- You must have an US appstore account, if you dont make one.

CHEERS, and a happy new year.

Comment Below If You Have Any Question!

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