[Tutorial] How To Install CyanogenMod 9 On A SE Xperia X10

So finally,on popular demand, we now have a special tutorial for you guys which will cover all the steps required for you to install CM9 (based on ICS) on your SE Xperia X10!

Please note that your device needs to have the Bootloader unlocked and you must be rooted for this to work.

Disclaimer: Follow all the instructions carefully mentioned in this article, we should not be held responsible in any manner if your X10 doesn’t boot up or gets bricked due to not following the instructions.

Working and Non-Working Features

AUDIO – ok
GPS – ok
BT – ok
GSM – ok
WIFI – ok
3D – ok –
VIDEO DECODER – software for now
USB MTP – ok

CAMERA – removed completly and salvaged some ram for system
HOTSPOT – in this moment is not possible to implement it

Required Downloads  

  1. Latest Google Apps for CM 9.0 – Link
  2. FXP 129 Custom Rom for the X10- Link
  3. Flashtool – Windows versionLinux version
  4. Fastboot package – Link
  5. x86/x64 drivers – Link
  6. (Optional) Camera Fix – Please refer to the steps here and files provided here.


  1. Flash the included FXP .ftf flash file which should already be included in the “FXP 129 Custom Rom for the X10” zip file.
  2. Copy the Google Apps file and the “update-cm9.0.0” file, which should also be present in the file you’ve downloaded above. to your SD Card and reboot your device.
  3. Now while rebooting the phone, keep pressing back key/volume down to enter recovery, from the menu, Wipe Cache, Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Wipe Dalvik Cache then choose install zip from sdcard/choose zip from sdcard and select update-cm9.0.0 as well as the Google apps file.
  4. Reboot the phone and now enjoy CM9 on your Xperia X10! ;)

Please note if you have any problems in during this tutorial, restart the process or follow the instructions given in this tutorial. The instructions and the process is the same!

7 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How To Install CyanogenMod 9 On A SE Xperia X10

  1. “Flash the included FXP .ftf flash file which should already be included in the “FXP 129 Custom Rom for the X10″ zip file.”
    I did’t found it in zip ….?

  2. Thank you for this upload, i installed it on my X10. It works fine. I have only one problems. I have no mobile conctions so I can not use my X10 to phone! Is there a fix for this problem? Or what I have to do? Thank you

  3. Will test this soon. I know there is a camera fix on xda somewhere. would you happen to have the link?

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