[Tutorial] How To Install Siri on iPhone 3GS/4 & iPod Touch 4 running iOS 5

On December 23, 2011, Hacker chpwn posted,

“Spire is my (along with Ryan Petrich) new tool for installing Siri on previously unsupported, but jailbroken, devices. Spire is a small download, but while installing it will download Siri itself (directly from Apple). Spire is available in Cydia right now — go get it! This will use about 100 MB of data, so please connect to Wi-Fi before installing.”

However, Spire is not a complete solution. Apple still requires authorization to use Siri, so information from an iPhone 4S is still required. To insert this information, Spire allows you to enter your own proxy server address. I’ve put up a list of my ideas on how you might get access to a proxy; hopefully you can figure something out.

Spire uses a new method to obtain the files necessary for Siri, so it doesn’t have the copyright issues encountered by previous attempts. Similarly, rather than directing all traffic through a specific proxy server (and the associated privacy issues), Spire allows you to specify your own proxy server.”

This was considered to be very easy… but it wasn’t.

All of you must have headed down to google and search”What to write in Spire Proxy Address?”

chpwn’s blog says –

  • Own an iPhone 4S too: Maybe you already own an iPhone 4S, and just want Siri on another device of yours. This is simple; you can just use the above proxy yourself.
  • Find a friend: Maybe your friend has an iPhone 4S and will let you use their authentication tokens (maybe in exchange for some cool SiriProxy plugins). Then, you can share the authentication. Or, maybe you gave your relative your old iPhone when you got your iPhone 4S: now you can share your token and give them Siri.
  • Pay up: It’s very likely that soon we will see for-pay services online to rent you some space on a Siri proxy, attached to one of their iPhone 4S devices. I haven’t seen anything like this yet, but I’ll keep my eye out, and I would encourage anyone who is interested to set something like this up.
  • And now for something completely different: As I suggested earlier, you might be able to replace Siri entirely. A simple method might be to use Google Chrome’s speech “API” hooked up to some code to decode the Siri requests and parse Google’s result. Or, someone could hook it up to some logic backends like many of the clones available on Android: the possibilities are endless.

The facts are:

  1. Owning an iPhone 4S is a dumb suggestion considering that many of us forget our iPods when we get our hands on an iPhone.
  2. Find A Friend: What the hell is an authentication token?
  3. Nobody wants to pay.

A better way to install Siri on your iPod 4 or iPhone 4 is to:

  1. Head over to cydia and add the repo: repo.siriport.ru
  2. Download it.(95-100 MB). For ipad download ipad version.
  3. Open settings and head over to siriport.ru.
  4. There will be an option install certificate.
  5. Safari will open and then install certificate.
  6. Reboot Device and then go to settings and general and siri.
  7. Switch it on.

Congratulations you’ve installed Siri. (It will take a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 8 hours to work).

If it still doesnt work, Open ifile and delete com.apple.assistant.plist from var/mobile/library/preferences.After deleting, Siri should work immediately.

Stay tuned for more such posts.

2 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How To Install Siri on iPhone 3GS/4 & iPod Touch 4 running iOS 5

  1. Good steps to follow for any version of the iPhone to install Siri. Loved the post.



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  2. Man,
    This is an excellent substitute for SPIRE.
    After seeing this post, i suggested this website to many of my friends.
    Thank You Very much

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