[Modding] A Cool Case For The iPod Touch 4 Adding Stereo Speakers And Vibration

In the 2011 CES,  Mophie showed off a prototype of its Pulse game grip for the 4th-generation iPod touch, which features battery-powered front-facing stereo speakers and haptic feedback by Reflex Technology. When one of us at Technologic101 bought it, we spent some time using the Pulse and came away rather impressed. Game audio, music, and even the keyboard tick sound get translated into convincing pulses and vibrations. The iPod touch interfaces with the Pulse via the 3.5mm headphone jack, and a switch on the bottom left edge turns the haptic feedback on and off. As a bonus, the Pulse also offers full case protection.


The mophie pulse™ is an innovative rumble feedback gaming device designed to give you a new dimension to your gaming experience while playing games on the iPod touch 4th generation. The pulse controller will improve the usability and appeal of all iPod apps – not just games. All effects, such as music, button clicks or scrolling will create a sensory feedback.


Featuring ViviTouch™ Technology, the case shakes, vibrates, and pulses, bringing applications and games to life. Front-facing stereo speakers enrich the sound quality of the built-in iPod touch speakers, redirecting the sound to create overall bone-shaking game feedback. Additionally, the pulse allows easy access to controls and connectors and features a textured gaming grip on the sides and back of the case to give users ultimate control.

It converts electric energy directly into movement and even uses 70 percent less battery power. Developers do not need to use the ViviTouch API to generate vibrations, instead the audio energy from a game is converted to recreate different effects. However, the API is available if Developers want to optimize their games for ViviTouch.



The Product Dimensions Are : 5.74 in x 2.50 in x 0.65 in
Weight: 1lbs

This Product is a must for all users who want iPhone-like gaming experience in their iPod Touch.

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6 thoughts on “[Modding] A Cool Case For The iPod Touch 4 Adding Stereo Speakers And Vibration

  1. Hello, I enjoy reading through your article. I like to write a little comment to support you.

  2. Based On The Photos Provided, It is visible that there is no dock connector of the iPod.
    Will I Have To Take Out The iPod Every Time I Have To Charge iT??

    • As an owner of this product, this is the only drawback of the case, as i feel.
      The 800 mAh battery in the case is ONLY for the stereo speakers and for providing haptic feedback vibration.
      The case also doubles as a full protector case.
      You will have to take your iPod every time you want to charge it.

  3. Hello.
    I Have An iPod Touch 4 and An iPod Touch 5.
    Will The Case Fit Both Of Them.
    Cause I Know That It Is Made For iPod Touch 4.
    Will It Be Available In Turkey?
    Please Reply Soon.
    Thank You Very Much

    • Khondar, First Of All, Thank You for writing to us.
      The case is made for the ipod Touch 4 and since the iPod Touch 5 has a bigger screen, the case will not fit the latter.
      Being A company of the U.S., I highly doubt that they will ship it to any other part of the world.
      But, you can try local websites.
      Also, if you cannot find it, try tmart or dx.com
      They have a large collection of electronics but take a long time to deliver(15-30 days).
      I hope this helps.

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