[Tutorial] How To Get Facebook Home On Any Unsupported Android Device (Root Required)


Facebook has relesed their new launcher, Home, available on the Google Play Store. However, it’s currently US-only, and only available on a bunch of devices (for reasons known only to Facebook.)

But if you’re from another part of the world, and want to try it on your device, and it’s not supported yet? Don’t worry. Here’s a small tutorial to help you out. Although, you’ll need to be rooted for it to work.

1) First of all, get the Facebook Home .apk for here

2) Then, go into /system using a file manager of your choice (I used Root Explorer from the Play Store). You’ll find a build.prop text file there.

3) We have to edit the following values –

ro.product.model=”Some unique string”
ro.product.name= “Some unique string”
ro.product.device=”Some unique string”

Replace your device’s unique string with “GT-I9300” (without quotes)

4) Reboot. Install the Facebook Home APK and open it. Boom. That’s it. All done.

As it happens, you don’t need Facebook Home to use Chat Heads. It comes with the Messenger app update. So, if you only want Chat Heads, just update Messenger!

Source: Androsym

#Update1: This method is cumbersome and time-consuming so please follow the this article instead

[Tutorial] How To download YouTube Videos On Any Android Device

Technologic101 does not condone piracy in any way. This tutorial is only for educational purposes.

Everyone loves YouTube.It’s the best online video database on earth.It simply does not have any competition whatsoever.But,on the flipside,YouTube restricts users from downloading their videos (for obvious reasons)Although,there are other workarounds that one can follow to get download and store their favorite YouTube videos and this tutorial will cover all the steps needed to download Youtube videos and music directly on your Android device!

**This method is just one way to do it.There are other ways to download YouTube videos as well.So,if this doesn’t work,just leave a comment below or google it for yourselves**


1. Go to tubex.me on your Android device.

2. Click on the Download option and download TubeX.

3. Install the APK file and open it up.

4. You will now see the main interface of TubeGod. Now select any video which you want to download.

5. Hit the menu button on your device and select Download. Now choose download again and select the file format and size that you want to download in.

6. Now wait for the download to complete.

7. Now select the video/mp3 and enjoy!

 Stay tuned for more on Android,iOS,Windows and the World wide web!

[MUST HAVE] Best Screen Recorder for Android Users

Finally,The Ultimate Screen Recorder App is Here for all the Android users out there =D Its called ” ScreenCast & Screen Recorder For Android* and it just EPIC =D

Screencast records your phone screen at high frame rates into a high quality MPEG4 video. This program includes a gallery to view, play, rename, delete and share your previously recorded videos from within the same user interface.

ScreenCast requires a ***ROOTED*** device to operate properly. [SUPER IMPORTANT]

So guys,What are you Waiting for ? Go Get it from the Android market !

Download ScreenCast & ScreenRecord FREE [Market Link]

Download ScreenCast & ScreenRecord Paid [Market Link]


[News] Google + App Hits the App Store

The Long awaited Google + App just hit the app store ! It’s being tested by Us for Bugs Currently so Stay tuned for more News =)

The major downside is the lack of iPad support which is nowhere to be found at the moment. While iPhone apps can be easily scaled up in order to fill the larger screen, this app isn’t designed to take advantage of the iPad’s larger resolution.

Via DinoD7’s Twitter

You can get it Here for FREE

It’s HOT right now so get it !

[MUST HAVE] Launcher 7 : Windows Phone 7 on Android

Android’s user interface is nice-looking, but it’s nothing outstanding. Thankfully, Android is an incredibly customizable operating system, making modifying it almost a must for power users. If you’ve been looking for a good alternative interface, Launcher 7 might be a good choice for  you. It’s a port of Windows Phone 7′s look, with a few extra customization features that make this a must-try.

You Can Launcher 7 for Free via the Android Market.It is Very Simple to Use and Customize.Its got a bunch of settings with which you can Fool Around.

As per all of Us ¨ A good APP to fool around with to amaze your Friends But a lot more changes can be Done ¨

[Tutorial] How to get Paid Android Apps for free

   [How to] get Paid Android apps for free with Applanet  


This is very easy and will work on any version of android provided you have a WIFi  connection and access to a PC or a MAC.


Step 1 : Download Applanet.apk from http://www.applanet.net/ 


Step 2 : Connect Your Android phone to the Computer.

Step 3 :Put the applanet.apk file in the root of your “sd card”

Step 4 :Disconnect you phone.


Step 5 : On your Phone open up Android Market —->and Search for Either “Astro File Manager or “USe any other File Manager”—->The Download it

Step 6 :Open it When done and Search for Applanet.apk and Click on it to install.

Step 7 :When Thats done exit out of the File manager and look for the Applanet icon in the App Drawer .

Step 8 :Open it and let it Load 

Step 9: It’ll load all the apps form its Repository When that’s done download anuthing you want.

Step 10:Do Enjoy !

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