[Tutorial] How To Get iOS Apps for free (Legally)

Many of us prefer to spend as little as humanly possible on app purchases. And how often have we found ourselves pulling our hair whilst running apps on a tethered Jailbreak. The only alternative other than buying apps is to acquire them legally for no cost, and however unreal this may sound, it is possible.

Follow this link to find out more or continue reading (Open link from iDevice)

Press on the link above and you’ll be directed to freemyapps.com, a site where you download sponsored apps by developers and in return earn credits from which you can obtain gift codes for that app you always wanted. The list of payout apps include- Tweetbot, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit ninja and etc. at surprisingly low rates. The only catch is that an UDID registration is reqd. Which means you can only earn so much credits for one iDevice by downloading apps(also creds aren’t transferable). But fear not, you can share the word and for every app downloaded from a device that you reffered, you’ll get 50 extra creds. So what are you waiting for? Get jumpin’ :)


Note: 1-For all ye noobs out there, dont worry it is not illegal, or even disputed and is harmless for to your device.
2- You must have an US appstore account, if you dont make one.

CHEERS, and a happy new year.

[MUST HAVE] Siri Dictation has been ported to the iPhone 4and iPod Touch 4

Siri,One of the Best features of the new iPhone 4S.For those who don’t know ; Siri is a personal Assassitant which comes with the new 4S.Ever Since thet feature was tried and tested by Dev(s).It has been No.1 on all of their ‘To-Do’ lists to Port it across older devices.There have been a few Videos/Demonstrations showing Siri on an iPhone 4 or 3Gs and any further information on that is not known.But,Yesterday the People at iF0rce released a tweak via their repo ie. http://apt.if0rce.com which enables Siri Dictation on the iPhone 4,iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch 4 (Only if the device is on iOS5 or iOS 5.0.1).

All you need to do to get Siri Dictation on your Supported deivce is Add the Repo mentioned above and Search for ‘Siri0us’ and install it.Then just open up an app and press the Siri button on the keyboard.

Note: The developer has noted a bug that some may run into when trying to install. If your iDevice keeps respringing, do not restore! Use a SSH tool to remove the/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AssistantServices.framework file.

Now We can FINALLY get half of the Siri experience thanks to a jailbreak tweak by a developer called Eric Day.Also,Siri dictation for your iOS 5 devices. No iPhone 4S keys/files required.

Video Tutorial

Dictate-Away Then :D

#Update 1 : Some Excessive Battery Drain issues have been reported to us.So,Install only if you really want it.

[MUST HAVE] QuickMath Cydia Tweak. Count easy math in the spotlight search!

Are you lazy? Too lazy to open thw calculator app to count some plus, minus or multiplication? Now you will only have to swipe your finger to the right!

QuickMath is a FREE tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia that allows you to count plus, minus and multiplication in the spotlight search of iOS.

It is very simple to use. Just type for example: 2+2 or 5-2 or 2*5 or whatever and then press search. The final result will be given in the same bar after you’ve pressed search! Here are some screenshots.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

[Tutorial] How to download Torrents on any iDevice

The worst part about owning an iPad is how you have to alternate between your computer and your iPad just to start or pause torrents. Well, not any more. Now with the release of iTransmission, you can easily downloads torrent directly to your iDevice. It can be found in our repo at myirepository.cz.cc.

Transmission works like most other torrent clients. Just find a torrent on the net, copy the link to the .torrent file or copy its magnet link, and hit the plus sign in iTransmission to add it. It will download the files to your phone, which you can then retrieve later with something like iFile, which you can get from Cydia. And, just like desktop BitTorrent clients, you can set speed limits and automatically forward ports. You can also download fromWi-Fi only, if you don’t want to go over your 3G data limit.

All said, this is one of the best apps as it is extremely useful and handy, so I’d advise everybody to use it as a replacement for conventional desktop torrent clients :) Thanks to Mike Chen ( Who Made this app ) He Totally Rocks !

[News] Google + App Hits the App Store

The Long awaited Google + App just hit the app store ! It’s being tested by Us for Bugs Currently so Stay tuned for more News =)

The major downside is the lack of iPad support which is nowhere to be found at the moment. While iPhone apps can be easily scaled up in order to fill the larger screen, this app isn’t designed to take advantage of the iPad’s larger resolution.

Via DinoD7’s Twitter

You can get it Here for FREE

It’s HOT right now so get it !

[News] POLYoNIX (Run several apps side-by-side on the your iPad)

You know whats better than angry birds on your iPad? Two instances of the same.

Double the fun =)


Since the large screen size of the iPad upto 3, maybe even 4 apps may run simultaneously, giving multitasking a whole new meaning.

As of know, according to Aaron, the tweak is heavily bugged. Accelerometer events not getting sent to apps and audio is NOT working. As of now a release date isn’t out, since there is a long way too go.

Other stuff by the developer- multiflOw