[Tutorial] How To Install Windows 8 Pro For Free (100% working)

Disclaimer: First of all,this is only recommended for people who want try Windows 8 for before actually buying it.We call know that Windows 8 has some big issues with what developers can use on it and where they can use it i.e. dev. software only runs on x64.So,people should check out exactly what they want before they purchase it.That’s what we think..Please don not pirate Microsoft software just to save money.Microsoft has worked really hard on this project so respect that and use original software.

With that out of the way,let’s dig into the tutorial part of this article!

We’ve been using Windows 8 for quite some now and I must say,atleast ‘I’ and impressed.Yes,’impressed’ but not ‘blown away’.
There is no doubt that Windows 8 is gonna make a good tablet OS but that’s not what Microsoft is know for right? They’re known for their desktop OS i.e Windows.Now,agreed that they are adapting and trying to make a mark in this tablet and smartphone hungry world but to be honest,I loved Windows 7 and am a little disappointed that Windows 8 isn’t that big an upgrade (keeping only PCs in mind).

But hey! that still does not mean I’m not gonna install it? And I’m sure you wanna install it too.So,let’s get started with the things you’ll need while and before installing:

  • A compatible system (check the requirements here)
  • Windows 8 .iso file (only download the one you want)
  • Windows 8 Activator (will be used in the end) -> Download this and keep it ready on another USB or partition on your computer.
  • uTorrent (it’s used to download torrent files.You can use any other torrent client as well.) ->
  • WinRar (to unarchive the .tgz activator file) -> Download this on Windows 8 using IE.
  • A 4 GB or more USB drive or a single-layered DVD (I suggest using a DVD)
  • Basic knowledge of how one boots into a USB/DVD via your BIOS
  • 1-2 hours and loads of  patience

Once that’s sorted out,just follow along.


  1. Backup your data on your current OS.
  2. Use this tutorial to make a bootable USB/DVD for Windows 8 using the .iso you downloaded earlier.
  3. Insert the USB/DVD and reboot your system.
  4. Enter your BIOS settings/boot menu(i suggest getting into your boot menu).Since every BIOS has a different method of doing so,you can look up the hotkey for your specific BIOS/boot menu in the motherboard/laptop’s manual or use Google.Once,you are into your BIOS/boot menu,select USB for your USB drive or select DVD-ROM if you’re using a DVD.
  5. Once you do that,the Windows 8 installation will start and it’ll ask you for a CD key.Use this XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH. After that just follow installation wizard and make sue you read everything properly while doing so.Once,you’re at the ‘Windows update’ section,turn them OFF completely to avoid any issues later on.Also,make sure you select the right partition to install Windows 8 on to avoid any data loss.
  6. When the wizard finishes installing,it’ll reboot your system and boot it up into the Windows 8 setup wizard where it’ll ask for you to setup accounts and what not.It is pretty self-explanatory so you shouldn’t have any problem there.If you do,you can always contact us or comment below.
  7. After you’ve gone through with the account setup,your computer should restart and boot back into Windows 8.

Now,right now you’ll have a working Windows 8 OS but it’ll not be activated i.e. you wont be able to access the personalization section and also wont be able to install Microsoft Office 13.To rectify that,follow the instructions below or feel free to close your browser and enjoy Windows 8.But,why would anyone do that right?


  1. Open up the Activator you downloaded earlier using WinRar and extract it on your desktop.
  2. In the extracted files,run ‘Windows 8 Pro Final Activator.exe’ as admin and let it do it’s thing.
  3. Once that’t done,reboot your system.
  4. That’s it! Your Windows 8 copy should be activated and fully functional.

For Dual Booting with any other version of Windows

The procedure remains the same – Just follow the same instructions and the Windows 8 bootloader will handle the rest.

Let us know in the comments section if you faced any problems or did it work for you flawlessly.
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[Tutorial] How To Install Windows 8 Release Preview In A Virtual machine Using VMWare Workstation

In the previous post we talked about installing Windows 8 Release preview natively,this post deals with installing it in a virtual machine.Let’s get straight into it!

Materials required  : 

1) Windows 8 .iso image 

2) VMWare Workstation/Player/Fusion (Installed)

Here’s a video demonstration that’ll help you install Windows 8 easily – 

You can install the drivers using this video – (Coming Soon!)

[Tutorial] How to install Windows 8 Developer Preview in a Virtual machine

Recently Microsoft released the long-awaited Developer Preview for Windows 8 at their Dev.Confrence,The OS generally adds a new look and feel to the whole windows 7 desktop [Metro UI].Some people may find it a bit too flashy but personally I LOVE IT =D

So,All the people who want to install this baby in a VM can just follow the video below and enjoy their Windows 8 OS running alongside Windows 7.Its fairly simple,just a few downloads and you’ll be fine.

People who want to dual-boot with windows 7 can follow this post HERE

Video Tutorial :

[TUTORIAL] How to change Windows 8 background color!


Hey guys. In this tutorial, i will show you how you can change your Windows 8 background image. Unfortunately, this only works for the x64 Bit Version only at the moment. If we find a way for the x86, we will report asap!

So here’s what you have to do :

1. Download a Hex Editor. You can get one here.

2. Open up a Command Prompt or CMD window by navigating to your system32 folder (C:WindowsSystem32), and in the Ribbon click File -> Open Command Prompt -> Open Command Prompt as Administrator.

3. Once opened, type the following code:

takeown /f uxtheme.dll icacls uxtheme.dll /grant Administrators:F

4. Now, copy the uxtheme.dll file to your Desktop.

5. Now fire up the Hex Editor you downloaded and load up the uxtheme.dll file in it.

6. Navigate the hex location ‘Metro Customization – Hex Table.txt’.

7. This is the part where you actually get to customize the color of your background. Replace the colors as shown in ‘Metro Customization – Hex Table.txt’ with your own. The format is simply Red, Green, Blue, Alpha (RGBA). For a solid/opaque image leave the last byte as FF (e.g: FF0000FF would be solid red). Once you have established the color you want, hit Save.

8. Lastly, rename the original file in the System32 folder to uxtheme.dll.old, and copy your modified file into your System32 folder.

Reboot and enjoy! :D

[TUTORIAL] How to Enable Classic Start Menu in Windows 8!


Microsoft’s Windows 8 contains of hundreds of great features including the new Metro UI which is a tile-like interface with all the notifications on the homescreen, just like Microsoft’s Windows 7 Phone.
Apparently, some people do not want this interface. This is where an app known as Startup Menu Toggle saves the day! This nifty little app created by a member of the Solo-Dev team reverts the interface back to Windows Classic.

Here’s the application description, as posted on Deviant Art :

My first Windows 8 app! It allows you to toggle between the Metro Start screen and the Classic start menu in Windows 8 Developer Preview.


RUN AS ADMIN. (Win 8 may require you to download and install the .Net 3.5.1 runtimes) Feel free to share it to other websites!

You can download this amazing little app from here (Deviant Art Page)

Windows 8 is set to release sometime next year

How to install Windows 8 Dev. Preview from a USB stick!


Got a netbook or a laptop without an optical drive but want to install Windows 8? No problem! This where Microsoft’s USB/DVD download tool helps!

Just download the tool, format your 8GB+ USB stick to fat32, point out the location to your Windows 8 iso and done!

Now, restart your computer and open up your BIOS settings and choose source as USB stick instead of hard drive. It would now boot up just like a normal CD/DVD does.

You can download the tool from here.

How to Install Windows 8 Developer Preview (x86 and x64)!


As you guys know, yesterday Microsoft at their BUILD conference uncovered the new upcoming Windows operating system codenamed as Windows 8 which comes packed with a new Metro UI, an application store and alot of other fun stuff. Also, it is designed for both tablets and PCs!

Don’t worry, Windows 8 doesn’t require special hardware, if your PC / Laptop is running Windows 7 so it will be easily able to run Windows 8, here’s the minimum hardware requirements :

1GHz Processor

1 GB of RAM

16 GB of free hard disk space

DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM 1.0

Microsoft have now released the developer preview versions along with Development Tools which you can download from the links below!

Windows 8 – x86/x32
Windows 8 – x64 – with tools
Windows 8 – x64 – without tools

Please see : A clean install IS NOT Recommended. Use it on VMware or a separate partition only!