[TUTORIAL] How to change Windows 8 background color!


Hey guys. In this tutorial, i will show you how you can change your Windows 8 background image. Unfortunately, this only works for the x64 Bit Version only at the moment. If we find a way for the x86, we will report asap!

So here’s what you have to do :

1. Download a Hex Editor. You can get one here.

2. Open up a Command Prompt or CMD window by navigating to your system32 folder (C:WindowsSystem32), and in the Ribbon click File -> Open Command Prompt -> Open Command Prompt as Administrator.

3. Once opened, type the following code:

takeown /f uxtheme.dll icacls uxtheme.dll /grant Administrators:F

4. Now, copy the uxtheme.dll file to your Desktop.

5. Now fire up the Hex Editor you downloaded and load up the uxtheme.dll file in it.

6. Navigate the hex location ‘Metro Customization – Hex Table.txt’.

7. This is the part where you actually get to customize the color of your background. Replace the colors as shown in ‘Metro Customization – Hex Table.txt’ with your own. The format is simply Red, Green, Blue, Alpha (RGBA). For a solid/opaque image leave the last byte as FF (e.g: FF0000FF would be solid red). Once you have established the color you want, hit Save.

8. Lastly, rename the original file in the System32 folder to uxtheme.dll.old, and copy your modified file into your System32 folder.

Reboot and enjoy! :D

[TUTORIAL] How to Enable Classic Start Menu in Windows 8!


Microsoft’s Windows 8 contains of hundreds of great features including the new Metro UI which is a tile-like interface with all the notifications on the homescreen, just like Microsoft’s Windows 7 Phone.
Apparently, some people do not want this interface. This is where an app known as Startup Menu Toggle saves the day! This nifty little app created by a member of the Solo-Dev team reverts the interface back to Windows Classic.

Here’s the application description, as posted on Deviant Art :

My first Windows 8 app! It allows you to toggle between the Metro Start screen and the Classic start menu in Windows 8 Developer Preview.


RUN AS ADMIN. (Win 8 may require you to download and install the .Net 3.5.1 runtimes) Feel free to share it to other websites!

You can download this amazing little app from here (Deviant Art Page)

Windows 8 is set to release sometime next year