[Tutorial] Install Android 4.4 KitKat on a GSM Galaxy Nexus


Halloween was a wonderful day for every Android-fanboy this time round as it was when Google released the Nexus 5 and along with it Android 4.4 KitKat. Although, for some (Galaxy Nexus owners), it wasn’t as good a day. Google officially announced that it’s Galaxy Nexus (both GSM and Verizon variants) would not receive any Android 4.4 KitKat goodness. To put it in another way, the Galaxy Nexuses will be stuck on Android 4.3 for eternity; ..and then the good Lord said, “let there be XDA”.

According to XDA Developers, the  following AOSP ROM is quite stable (it is!) with the exception of a few isolated issues like animation and graphical glitches (did not bother us much) which will be fixed in the upcoming releases.

Pre-requisites to flashing this ROM 

  • Back up data and settings using a recommended custom recovery tool, like ClockworkMod (CWM) or TWRP, as it creates a complete image of the existing phone setup.
  • Ensure USB debugging mode is enabled on the phone, by navigating to Settings > Developer Options (if you don’t see Developer Options, follow this pastie -> http://bit.ly/1h0xTLg)
  • You must be rooted on your current firmware before updating and have a custom recovery installed. We suggest using ClockworkMod recovery.

Downloads Required

Steps involved in updating the phone

  • Connect your Galaxy Nexus to your computer and transfer the files you downloaded onto it’s storage.
  • Power off the phone and disconnect its USB cable from computer.
  • Boot the phone into Fastboot mode by pressing and holding Volume UpVolume Down and Power buttons together.
  • Once the device reboots, you should see something like this —Fastboot_gnex
  • Use the Volume up and Volume down buttons to navigate to the red banner above the opened up Android to say “Recovery mode” and then press the Power button.
  • In ClockworkMod recovery, perform a full data wipe task by choosing Wipe Data/Factory Reset (use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select the desired option in recovery).
  • Wait until the wipe process completes and then perform Wipe Cache Partition. Let the process complete and then select Wipe Dalvik Cache from advance option. This will prevent ROM related errors or boot loop issues.
  • Once the wipe process is done, return to main recovery menu and select Install Zip from SD card.
  • Then select Choose zip from SD card. Now, locate the Android 4.4 ROM zip file you copied earlier to the phone and select it by tapping Power button. Confirm the ROM installation on next screen and let the installation begin.
  • Then, repeat the previous step for installing Google Apps as well.
  • After Google apps is also installed, go back and tap on reboot system now in the recovery menu. The phone will now reboot automatically. The first boot might take about five minutes to complete. So, don’t worry!
  • Once rebooted, you will be greeted with the Android setup wizard. Set your phone up and enjoy!

Steps involved to get get root access on the 4.4 ROM

  • Install the Nexus Root Toolkit you downloaded earlier. It will extract certain files so make sure you install in within a folder.
  • Once installed, you will be asked to select your device. Select Galaxy Nexus GSM/HSPA+  and the select you ROM as Custom ROM – KK. Then, let the toolkit do it’s thing until you’re greeted with the following dialog box.


  • Under the Root section  tick Custom Recovery if it’s un-ticked and then press Root.
  • From here on, just follow the instructions the pop up on your computer and you’ll be fine.
  • Once, the process ends, you will an up and running KitKat ROM with root access.

Source: XDA Developers

Update1 : Cyanogenmod 11 is now available for the Galaxy Nexus and it installs Kitkat!

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[News] Google Sends Out Invites For An Android Event To Be Held On 29th October

October thus far has been full of all sorts of tech announcements.Apple sent out invites for iPad Mini Event.Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 and the new Surface tablets soon and now Google’s come up with a pretty nice invite if you ask me pointing towards the LG Nexus and maybe Android 4.2

Announced via email, just two Mondays from now at 10am, Google will be revealing what’s new with Android. For those who won’t be able to attend, Google will be live streaming the entire event here.

We couldn’t be more excited to see what Google has prepared for us. Fortunately, we have less than two weeks to wait. For more information what we think Google will reveal at the event, check out the links below. Is there anything special you hope Google will surprise us with?

~ Update : The event has been cancelled due to Hurricane ‘Sandy’ and there is currently no new date that has been announced by Google.

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Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox : Which one should you download ?

It’s 2011.The world is seeing a new tech revolution every week (metamorphically speaking,of course).New ideas turn into new gadgets with new softwares and new apps.Of course,I can go on forever,but I guess I’d better not deviate from the topic at hand:browsers.

The average person downloads a web browser without giving it much thought.What they miss,however,is the variety and the features these mean things provide.Today,I’ll give you an insight on two of the most common browsers these days-Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.Let’s go.

Google developed Google Chrome initially for Microsoft Windows as a beta version in September 2008.They also released most of their source code,their V8 JavaScript engine included,under the name Chromium so that third-party developers could study the underlying source code and to help port the browser to the Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.Google released a stable version of Chrome,the name being derived from the GUI frame,or ‘chrome’ of the browser.Google Chrome offers you tabbed and secure browsing,wonderful application speed and JavaScript processing speed. Customization of the browser is easy and convenient.Chrome runs in 50 languages and now runs on Linux,Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP onwards.The current version of Chrome is V.14.0.835 with a beta version 15.0.874 running alongside.

Mozilla began Firefox as a branch of the Mozilla project after shifting their focus from the Mozilla Suite in 2003. The Firefox project went through many versions before 1.0 was released on November 9, 2004. After a series of stability and security fixes, the Mozilla Foundation released its first major update, Firefox version 1.5, on November 29, 2005.Features include tabbed browsing, spell checking,incremental find, live bookmarking, a download manager, private browsing, location-aware browsing (also known as “geolocation”) based exclusively on a Google service.Call it ironic,but Firefox’s integrated search system uses Google.Firefox runs on various operating systems including Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and many other platforms. Its current stable release is version 7.0.1, released on September 29, 2011.

Chrome and Firefox are currently competing head-to-head,with both browsers comprising of 20.2% and 25.5% respectively.Picking out one of either has become a tough job,thanks to the race for dominance over the Internet leading to updates and newer releases showing up successively.

Now,to simplify matters some more,I’d suggest Firefox if all you have to do is basic browsing and social netwroking,because it’s more convenient and the plug-ins are rather helpful.However,if you’re into more demanding stuff like us bloggers running a whole site,or pure commercial usage,Google Chrome can be relied upon to help you out.

Like I said before,there’s a war going on,and the World Wide Web has now become a battlefield.So Choose wisely ;)

For Google Chrome,click here

For Mozilla Firefox,click here

[News] Google+ Open To Everybody!


Many of you have probably heard of Google+, with a majority of you being unable to grab an invite to get on it. Well the good news is that today Google has announced several changes to the service, the major one being that it’s now available to everybody (although still technically in beta stages). Just head over to http://plus.google.com and sign right in!

Most of the changes have been on the mobile side of things, especially on the Android app for Google+, with Hangout video chat and group picture messaging added. Not only these changes, but up to 100 other changes according to Punit Soni from the Google+ Mobile team who posted on the Google+ blog:

“We started the Google+ project to help make online sharing more like real-world sharing. Of course, in life we increasingly share on the go, so over the past ~90 days we’ve developed Google+ apps for Android, iOS and the mobile web.

During this time we’ve made lots of improvements to the project, and in fact, the team just announced its 100th new feature overall (open signups). But our work is far from done, and today we’re bringing seven additional Google+ features to your mobile device.”

As mentioned earlier Google also launched video chat in the Hangouts app for Android, which is sure to be popular as it’s one of the main features of Google+ (it’s the main reason I like it, for instance). However, it is only available for Android at this point in time.

And lastly, the name of +Huddles has been changed to Messenger (ironically) and adds support for adding photos to circles and groups.

So now’s your chance if you’ve been unable to try out Google+ for yourself! Simply head over there and sign up!

[News] Google + App Hits the App Store

The Long awaited Google + App just hit the app store ! It’s being tested by Us for Bugs Currently so Stay tuned for more News =)

The major downside is the lack of iPad support which is nowhere to be found at the moment. While iPhone apps can be easily scaled up in order to fill the larger screen, this app isn’t designed to take advantage of the iPad’s larger resolution.

Via DinoD7’s Twitter

You can get it Here for FREE

It’s HOT right now so get it !