[Tutorial] How To Use The US Playstore Outside the US On Any Android Device

Untitled-1We live in a monopoly with USA as the super-power.So,it seems fair that Americans have an exclusive app market to purchase or browse content on.But this does not mean we can’t have access to it.A simple proxy does the trick,but the question is,which proxy and whether to pay for one or not?

Paying for a proxy is a stupid idea when there are free alternatives (which do work) out there.We’ll be talking about the most convenient and easy to use proxy in just a second.For now,let’s talk about what one needs to get access to the US playstore.



  1. Install Market Enabler on your phone just like you would install any other .apk file and download and install Hotspot Shield too from the playstore.
  2. Open Market enabler and select a ‘ US ‘ carrier from the second tab (swipe left once).We suggest using us-verizon.Make sure you don’t set it as ‘set on boot’ because that’ll interfere with your calls and/or messages.
  3. Now open up the VPN app and enable it.It’ll take a few seconds only.
  4. Now,go to Settings -> Apps -> All and look for ‘Google Play Store’ and empty it’s cache.
  5. Open up the Playstore and you should see the US Playstore which would look something like this.


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The Apple Of Our Eye? You bet.

The Apple logoI’ll be terribly honest here.I’m not reading out stats for iOS 5 or bombarding you with details for the iPhone 5’s launch.I’ll leave that to the guys who are ACTUALLY good at that (HINT:read the previous posts).

I’m here to talk about Apple Inc.Yes,as a whole.And why it owns other brands.

These days,it’s tough to find someone who’s never,ever seen an Apple product or used one or even heard of one.Such people exist only in fairytales,I have reasons to believe.Thanks to Apple’s dedication in constant improvement of its products and services,Apple Inc. gives every consumer electronics a run for its money.

What has set Apple apart from its counterparts is its aesthetic design,the dedication shown to its customers and the scope for more improvement.To put it in a nutshell,Apple can actually surprise the world with a sleeker,more powerful and a better version of everything it’s made so far.And the world will LAP it up.

And it’s not just the looks and sales that matter so much.After all,there’s no use selling a product with pomp and show if the test version doesn’t work at all.They provide quality software and their multi-touch,direct manipulation UI is something I would swear by.The iOS,while meant for the iPhone only,has spread out to support the iPod,iPad and Apple TV.Call that convenience.

Some stats-the Apple App Store contains more 500,o00 iOS apps which have been downloaded-drumroll please-15 billion times.And iOS alone constituted about 59% of mobile web consumption in the US as of May 2010.That speaks enough volume for itself.

Being a layman,I’ve laid hands on a MacBook Pro,iPod Classic,iPod Touch 3 and 4,iPhone 2 through 4 and those adorable iPod Shuffles,and I’ve fallen in love with each and every one of them.

After all that is said and done,if it starts with an “i”,I’m pretty sure I can trust it,stats be damned.Bless you Apple Inc.


[Tutorial] How to Run/Test iPhone apps in any Web Browser

Run any iPhone application in your web browser (Mac and Windows)

Today, I checked out this amazing little thing know as Pieceable Viewer, which allows us to view embedded iOS apps in a web browser.

Thanks to Pieceable Viewer, developers can simply email a link to anyone who has access to a web browser with no need to amend any code within the app. Simply submit the built application and Pieceable takes care of the rest. According toh its developers, the service isn’t free and the guys would have to pay a nominal fee for it.

Here’s a preview of it :