[Tutorial] How To Use The US Playstore Outside the US On Any Android Device

Untitled-1We live in a monopoly with USA as the super-power.So,it seems fair that Americans have an exclusive app market to purchase or browse content on.But this does not mean we can’t have access to it.A simple proxy does the trick,but the question is,which proxy and whether to pay for one or not?

Paying for a proxy is a stupid idea when there are free alternatives (which do work) out there.We’ll be talking about the most convenient and easy to use proxy in just a second.For now,let’s talk about what one needs to get access to the US playstore.



  1. Install Market Enabler on your phone just like you would install any other .apk file and download and install Hotspot Shield too from the playstore.
  2. Open Market enabler and select a ‘ US ‘ carrier from the second tab (swipe left once).We suggest using us-verizon.Make sure you don’t set it as ‘set on boot’ because that’ll interfere with your calls and/or messages.
  3. Now open up the VPN app and enable it.It’ll take a few seconds only.
  4. Now,go to Settings -> Apps -> All and look for ‘Google Play Store’ and empty it’s cache.
  5. Open up the Playstore and you should see the US Playstore which would look something like this.


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[Tutorial] How To download YouTube Videos On Any Android Device

Technologic101 does not condone piracy in any way. This tutorial is only for educational purposes.

Everyone loves YouTube.It’s the best online video database on earth.It simply does not have any competition whatsoever.But,on the flipside,YouTube restricts users from downloading their videos (for obvious reasons)Although,there are other workarounds that one can follow to get download and store their favorite YouTube videos and this tutorial will cover all the steps needed to download Youtube videos and music directly on your Android device!

**This method is just one way to do it.There are other ways to download YouTube videos as well.So,if this doesn’t work,just leave a comment below or google it for yourselves**


1. Go to tubex.me on your Android device.

2. Click on the Download option and download TubeX.

3. Install the APK file and open it up.

4. You will now see the main interface of TubeGod. Now select any video which you want to download.

5. Hit the menu button on your device and select Download. Now choose download again and select the file format and size that you want to download in.

6. Now wait for the download to complete.

7. Now select the video/mp3 and enjoy!

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Top 5 Music Apps for iOS

These days,entertainment is always portable,thanks to the awe-inspiring,mind-boggling creations like Apple’s iDevices.Games,news,movies,TV shows,name it and it’s there.Music creation,however,is something that’s stereotypically associated with music studios and tedious work,and it’s hard to believe something like that can be done easily.

Say,is there ANYTHING Apple Inc. has failed to do?

Today,I’ll be giving you an insight on how you can unleash your musical side with NOTHING MORE than your iDevice (and a bit of money,if it’s not jailbroken :P )

Let’s start with something called Loopy. This app is one smooth thing,easy enough to be operated by a 5-year old,and efficient enough to make killer beats.The UI is a treat to the eyes and fingers,and the features make it a delight to use.Simple,press the circle,record your own beats,fool around and you’ve got something rolling for yourself.Used by professionals like Dub FX the beatboxer,I’d highly recommend this one.$2.99 for iPod Touch and iPhone,$7.99 for iPad(jailbreak won’t work,it’ll show up as pirated).Check Dub FX’s encounter with Loopy here.

Next on the list,of course,is Apple’s GarageBand. Another bloody cool thing we have here.Here,you get to choose from a variety of instruments and use up to eight tracks to create your own music.Or plug your guitar in and jam away.Smooth operation,takes a little time to get used to it,but it’s all easy,and lots of fun.All for $4.99,though a jailbreak should fix that . Demo can be seen here.

Then there’s Looptastic,FLStudio,iDubstep,AudioStudio,Beatmaker,Noise.io and a select few which work similarly and are as close as you can get to a music studio.

You’ve successfully been guided in the right direction.The choice is all up to your convenience.Feel free to let us know about your experiences and queries.

Now if you’ll excuse me,I have some beatboxing to do and more beats to record on my iPod B)

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