How To Crack Disk Aid [Bypass Trial Limit] (Only Windows)

Disk aid is a simple tool that lets you manage the contents of your Apple device as if it was just another removable drive plugged into your computer. DiskAid doesn’t require any special drives or difficult configuration at all; Just connect the iPhone or iPod Touch to the PC and you’re good to go.But it has a 14 day Trial Pack.You cannot Use it After 14 days 9 unless you Format for Computer.

Lets Start :

You need 2 Files For this to Work –

1)Disk Aid –

2) Disk Aid Trial Reset –

How to use the downloaded files –

1) Install Disk Aid.

2)Open it,Use it For 14 days.

3)After 14 days Run The Trial Reset.EXE .

4)You’ll Get an error when you open Disk Aid After that But Don’t Worry Exit Out and Again Open Disk Aid.

5)And VOILA Your Trial Limit Will BE BACK TO 14 DAys :)