[Tutorial] How to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 [Noob Guide]

So,I just Successfully Dual-Booted my Windows 7 machine with the Windows 8 Dev.Preview and it runs flawlessly.For people who want to run it Virtually Visit this page 8~)

Now Running Windows 8 as a separate system is really simple [Thanks to Microsoft] and I mean REALLY Easy [My 8 year old brother could do it.]

So here Goes —–>>>

Things required before hand

1) Windows 8 Developer Preview Image,Download it Here [Also See the Minimum Requirements]

2) A Software that can make a Bootable DVD.We Recommend this or use this Post if you want to do it with a USB.

3) A Working Windows 7 machine with at least 12 Gigs for free space.


1)Burn the Dvd/Usb and it should be bootable

2)*MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP IMPORTANT FILES ON YOUR WINDOWS  INCASE YOU MESS UP* Now Shutdown the computer and insert the DVD/USB and Boot from it via your Boot Menu [If you have any doubts about that just write to me at ratik96@me.com]

3)Once booted,You’ll see something like this

Bad Quality.I know

4) Let it do its thing until you reach here

5) Fill in the details and Press Next.

6)Now you’ll arrive here,just Tick the box and press next.

7)Select Advance tab when prompted and You’ll arrive at the partition table.Partiton if you want to or simply select the partition you want to use.

8)Now Give the Install process some time.

Almost Done.

9)Once that’s done,your Computer will restart.

10) After the Restart,you’ll see some Instructions like Preparing,Starting etc.

11)After that,It will restart again. (It can get a bit annoying now..)

12)And NOW,Once you restart AGAIN  ; You see the Bootloader =D

13) Select Windows 8 Developer Preview.

14)It’ll say Preparing then setting up devices etc…

15)After all that you will see the Computer Preferences,make your users and other Personal stuff which we wont be covering.

16) The once you complete the whole process,The ALL NEW Metro UI Start menu will pop up =D

[Tutorial] How to install Windows 8 Developer Preview in a Virtual machine

Recently Microsoft released the long-awaited Developer Preview for Windows 8 at their Dev.Confrence,The OS generally adds a new look and feel to the whole windows 7 desktop [Metro UI].Some people may find it a bit too flashy but personally I LOVE IT =D

So,All the people who want to install this baby in a VM can just follow the video below and enjoy their Windows 8 OS running alongside Windows 7.Its fairly simple,just a few downloads and you’ll be fine.

People who want to dual-boot with windows 7 can follow this post HERE

Video Tutorial :

The Windows 8 experience (Pokki, Rainmeter, Builds)

Since the preview of windows 8 a lot of  stuff modeled after the style has emerged around the web. Here goes a try to sum it all up.


The windows gadget bar was the best thing when Vista came out (however flawed it was :P)

The adaptation of the same into mac like applications has really got us all excited. The first freeware that actually gives us a feel of this windows revolution is Pokki. Small widgets are placed in the taskbar and on being clicked they open up as small popups. The application is beautifully designed using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. It has been around for a few months, however the first beta came out yesterday.


Site- http://www.pokki.com/

The blog- http://blog.pokki.com/

SDK- http://www.pokki.com/r/?get-sdk

Windows 8[UI]

Fan UI’s and similar stuff is creeping up from all over here are some of the best from deviantart and elsewhere-



User Interfaces-

Also, there was a previous post which had one of the best UI’s yet seen. [LINK]
While baying, I found this nice little transformation pack. Be sure to use it at your own risk :) [link] 

Leaked builds!!

Apart from all contreversy this is Win8. But it is a rather old milestone version so it doesnt have any of that epic live homescreen or fancy shit of sorts. Dont get pissy. Programmers love to show off so I can assure you one developer or the other will end  up leaking it to the world. Till then (Build 7580)- [LINK]

UPDATE: The latest build is 7989. Unfortunately, its only availible in X64. Here it is- [link] [link]

(Legal Note: We are not responsible for any legal action against you, if you get caught. As for us, this is just sharing proof. The admins or the blog doesnt endorse piracy in any way whatsoever)

That’s it Folks!

[Final note: This thread will be updated irregularly, so drop in from time to time. Also drop suggestions and be sure to link us to any awesome stuff that we may have overlooked.]


“Unlock all features locked by slc.dll in all windows 8 build (7955,7959,7989,…) x86 and x64, without patching any dll (It just add a new slc.dll, and rename the old slc.dll to slcrp.dll).”

However it is rather buggy but most have found it to be brilliant. Here- [LINK]

Mac OS X 10. 7(Lion) Transformation Pack For Windows 7

Best Mac OSX Transformation Pack Out There

Thanks to hameddanger We Have a pefectly Working Mac OSX Tranformation Pack now.

This is one of the best we have seen so far.

Download it from here :


– Windows 7
– X86(32Bit) and X64(64Bit)
– Best Work in X86(32Bit)
– All Language Versions

Enjoy !