[Tutorial] How To download YouTube Videos On Any Android Device

Technologic101 does not condone piracy in any way. This tutorial is only for educational purposes.

Everyone loves YouTube.It’s the best online video database on earth.It simply does not have any competition whatsoever.But,on the flipside,YouTube restricts users from downloading their videos (for obvious reasons)Although,there are other workarounds that one can follow to get download and store their favorite YouTube videos and this tutorial will cover all the steps needed to download Youtube videos and music directly on your Android device!

**This method is just one way to do it.There are other ways to download YouTube videos as well.So,if this doesn’t work,just leave a comment below or google it for yourselves**


1. Go to tubex.me on your Android device.

2. Click on the Download option and download TubeX.

3. Install the APK file and open it up.

4. You will now see the main interface of TubeGod. Now select any video which you want to download.

5. Hit the menu button on your device and select Download. Now choose download again and select the file format and size that you want to download in.

6. Now wait for the download to complete.

7. Now select the video/mp3 and enjoy!

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[Tutorial] How To Install Windows 8 Release Preview In A Virtual machine Using VMWare Workstation

In the previous post we talked about installing Windows 8 Release preview natively,this post deals with installing it in a virtual machine.Let’s get straight into it!

Materials required  : 

1) Windows 8 .iso image 

2) VMWare Workstation/Player/Fusion (Installed)

Here’s a video demonstration that’ll help you install Windows 8 easily – 

You can install the drivers using this video – (Coming Soon!)

[Tutorial] How To Enable The New YouTube Design Right Now

Okay,So YouTube has been working on anew YouTube UI for quite some time now and they recently gave the rights to use the UI to some specific channels last week.But,There’s a work around that can be used to enable it right away!

It’s a simple five-step process. Anyone with a little computer experience can follow through with ease.

How To Enable New YouTube UI On Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari

Step 1: Launch youtube.com from your favorite browser.

Step 2: You must now open up page inspection menu. There are different ways to opening it up across different browsers but we’ll be covering Firefox, Chrome and Safari only since they are the most popular browsers used to access Redmond Pie.

  • Firefox: Cmd + Shift + K (Mac), Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows)
  • Chrome: Cmd + Alt + J (Mac), Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows)
  • Safari: Go to Preferences > Advanced and enable Show Develop menu in menu bar. You will now see a new menu item Develop. Close Preferences. Right click < Inspect element.

Step 3: Add in the following code:


Step 4: Close page inspection element.

Step 5: Refresh web page.

And,That’s it.That’s all you have to do to get this Awesome New UI.

Video Tutorial :

[News] Rockstar Games announce Grand Theft Auto 5 : Watch official Trailer NOW



It revealed that the game is set in the fictional city, Vinewood.It will be really awesome.We can’t wait and I know you can’t.Stay tuned for more.Currently there is no news about the Consoles on which the game will be released.We’re all waiting for an announcement from Rockstar Games !