Write For Us

Managing a blog is not easy at all. Even with three lads with ample time on their hands, its still rather hard. Since we’ve passed our 10k mark in less than 5 months, we guess that its time to expand. If you are interested in joining Technologic101, read the rules and further instructions.

Here go the rules for joining and posting-

1) All content should be original. Try ripping off something off from anywhere and you’ll kicked out faster than the speed of light.

-Pictures can be copied but credits have to be given.

2)Use simple and easy to understand English only.

3)Spread your knowledge about Technology!

4) Atleast one post in 3 days about whatever’s latest in the Tech world.

If you want to join, please send an email to [facetime.raghavs@gmail.com]Or[ratik96@gmail.com] with answers to the following questions :

1. Name and age
2. Occupation
3. Interests
4. Number of posts you can write per day
5. Interests in Technology


5 thoughts on “Write For Us

  1. Hi! Mr.Techy! Im Having some doubts! in this OS X 10.7 In Pc Thing Can u say whether i can able to install this in my pc with the following specs,

    Asus P8Z68-M Pro, Core i5 2500K, 4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM, 500GB Seagate HDD, Windows 7 Ultimate X64 Bit Please I’m Waiting for ur reply!

    I’m Also From India (Chennai)!

  2. Admin sir plz upload ice creamsandwich 4.0 virtual box for windows 7……. plz sir plz

  3. u were amazing…
    i’m a great fan of Apple and I often try searching for d installation processes in youtube but i find hard to make an effort .actually it was zack which made installation easier but his language was a bit unreliable but u r d one who made it clear … i loved ur video and find it much better than zacks’… so i want to be in touch wit u often

    can u be my friend ..plse
    my email id mmystiqueblue@gmail.com
    facebook profile name: NINETAILS KYUUBI

    3 cheer 2 u……..:)

    thanks a lot

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